About Mistine

Better Way (Thailand)

company was established in 1988 with the determination to produce quality cosmetic products. Over 6,000 Mistine products are categorized into 5 majors groups, namely Make Up, Body Care, Personal Care, Fragrance and Skin Care.

Each and every item of Mistine products are certified by ISO 9001, 9002, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which use the international standard for certification in order to give customers the maximum confidence and satisfaction.

Better Way ‘Mistine’ was certified as Number One Cosmetic Company in Thailand. Better Way has spent over 1,500 million baht for a new state-of-the-art distribution center which consider being one of the most advance technological systems in South East Asia to support global operation.

Mistine International Department with more than 20 years experienvce in exporting cosmetic products can ensures the quick and accurate completion for supporting deliveries around the world.

Mistine Marketing Sdn Bhd

We are the Official Country Distributor for Mistine Brand in Malaysia and committed to deliver a better way of offering better products and better promotions to our customers.

As Mistine products are well accepted by the international market, we are confident that Mistine will be

the number one in the heart of Malaysia cosmetic users.

Mistine Marketing Sdn Bhd invites you to join us in a partnership and be the agent of Mistine products in your state.


Mistine Vision

Since its achievement of international standard in 1988, Mistine has become one of the most trusted cosmetics brands in Thailand.

Affordably priced and easy to use, Mistine products can be purchased anytime and anywhere through Mistine Ladies. Come experience the high quality service from Mistine representatives for yourself.